5-Paw Service!

…. from drive-thrus to dining out, parks to beaches, home visits to appointments… whatever makes your pet the happiest and helps you most while you’re away…. that’s what our Concierge Service is all about!

It’s the ultimate in pet pampering. In addition to our Ultimate Outing Activity Package, your dog will enjoy a 2-hour field trip to anywhere of your choosing!


Looking for some ideas?…

Dog drinking puppachino

Drive-Thru Puppachino

Dog shopping for toys

Doggie Toy Shopping

Dog frolicking in the park

Frolicking in the Park

Dog walking the trails

Hitting the Trails

Dog walking down main street

Walking Down Main Street

Dog basking at the beach

Basking on the Beach

Or create your own! Is there somewhere special your pup likes to walk or play? Would you like us to take a trip home to water your plants, play fetch in the back yard and grab the mail? Or how about have us take your dog to a grooming or veterinary appointment? …. whatever you and your dog desire, our concierge team will work with you to select the best itinerary for you both!

Other perks of the package:

  • Personal Dogwood Buddy with 24/7 Direct Text Access
  • Personal Greeting upon Arrival
  • Personal Photos and Updates

To be eligible for this service, your dog must have lodged at Dogwood Acres for at least one prior overnight stay.


CALL TODAY: (410) 798-4776