In-Home Services Consultation

Dog waiting for a bone

After an initial consultation, our concierge team will work with you to customize a fieldtrip that benefits both you and your pet.

Your pet gets to have a fun visit home while we provide a helping hand for you:

· Watering plants, indoor or outdoor
· Alternating lights and blinds to create a “lived-in” appearance
· Trash and recycling bins in/out
· Collecting your mail and newspapers
· Customized solutions for your households’ needs

After learning more about what will make your dog the happiest or help you most while you’re away, we’ll create a personalized daily schedule that we’ll share with you when you arrive. This process is complimentary and included with your concierge package.

If you are interested in any of our In-Home Services as part of your dog’s concierge package, our Dogwood Buddies can come to you for a consummation prior to your dog’s stay.

Eligible dogs must have lodged at Dogwood Acres for at least one prior overnight stay.



CALL TODAY: (410) 798-4776

Our Reservation Specialists are trained to help you create the perfect visit for your pet. Contact them to make your pet’s reservation by calling (410) 798-4776 or submit a Reservation Request form.