Guest Activities

While the owner’s away the cat must play! Treat your beloved cat to a special Play and Pampering Session.





Play & Pampering Sessions

Choose from the following:

  • Hide-n-Seek Play
  • Hunter Play
  • One-on-One Cuddle Time
  • Customized Playtime Activity doing whatever your cat loves best

iPad Interactive Play

Discover what your digital era kitty craves, everything from digital mice and fish to dancing laser dots and paw painting.


Great one–on–one attention that helps our guests look and feel their best with regular coat maintenance.

Salon & Spa

Treat your pet to a refreshing bath and brush or any of our other Salon & Spa Services.

Gourmet Snack

Tasty tuna bite treats, homemade in our kitchen

Bottled Water

A cool, refreshing, filtered alternative

Activity Packages

We have taken our most popular activities and grouped them into discounted activity packages. From our playful Happy Camper Package to our luxurious Ultimate Outing Package, we are sure to have just the experience your dog will enjoy most!

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