Congrats to Ellie and Dolores, our October Daycare Dogs of the Month!

Ellie is a varsity swimmer (she LOVES swimming) and the best cuddler we have. She loves butt scratches, roaming around, and sniffing out cuddles and cookies. She’ll never turn down a snack. Her favorite place to be is sprawled out on her back for belly rubs or in between your legs standing guard. When her parents moved, they said they had to move close enough to Dogwood Acres so she could stay in her “school district”, and we’re glad they made that decision! Ellie comes every single day and is always so excited – and so are we when we see her!

Dolores loves to soak in the dog pool, chases the hose, and LOVES her own shadow, seriously! Although she enjoys other dogs, she is very much a people dog and loves to hang out with Josh and Luke, her human friends at Dogwood Acres. It’s been a year since she started coming to Dogwood Acres and we’re so happy to have her as our guest!

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