Don’t have the time or knowledge to train your dog? We’re here to help. Over the years, through consultation, development and review with top trainers across the country, our specially designed program provides dog training enrichment while your dog stays with us for the day or overnight.


Your dog will develop a solid foundation of obedience skills and habits that will benefit your family for years to come. We utilize positive reward-based dog training, which is proven to produce happy dogs that are willing to learn new behaviors. We focus on basic obedience and good manners to include

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Come
  • Good Leash Walking
    Good Leash Walking

This program is not suggested for those who have difficult problem behaviors
such as leash aggression, stranger aggression, and separation anxiety


Our training program + our luxurious retreat = the ideal environment for your dog to learn and socialize.
Offered as a 7-day overnight visit or 5 consecutive day visits, our program includes:

Dog lodging

Dog lodging in our
spacious accommodations

One-on-One training

60 minutes of one-on-one training with our training team per day


45 minutes of Playtime (off-leash group or individual) during the day

Brain teaser puzzle

Brain teaser puzzle or stuffed Kong each day and more!

USB drive

The learning continues at home! The USB drive includes:

  • An activity work book
  • 2 - 5 training videos of your dog
  • Complete progress notes and future recommendations


Our goal is to teach all the good manners in the dog training program based on your dog’s previous skills learned. It is important to only progress at your dog’s pace to ensure each training session affords a solid foundation before moving forward to the next step of difficulty; therefore, your dogs’ pace may require additional lessons to reach program goals and your expectations.

For Dogs Who Have Completed One Of Our Dog Training Programs

Mastering good manners is only possible with consistent follow-up and ongoing practice. So once your dog has completed one of our learning programs, our Clever Canines Daycare Program is the natural next step as we partner with pet parents to ensure each pet’s ongoing success in demonstrating good manners. Perfect for pet parents who want their pet to enjoy a combination of mental and physical enrichment throughout the day, Clever Canines consistently practice their good manners while enjoying a fun and more structured doggie daycare environment.

A Place For Your Dog To Master Good Manners While Having Fun in a Customized Daycare Environment

This unique daycare program combines:

All the fun and benefits of Ultimate Daycare

All the fun and benefits of Ultimate Daycare

One-on-one refresher session each day

One-on-one refresher session each day

Examples of good manners and behaviors that your dog will master:

Waiting patiently, sitting and waiting at the gate before entering/exiting an area

Waiting patiently, sitting and waiting at the gate before entering/exiting an area

Loose leash walking

Loose leash walking

Sit, stay, down

Sit, stay, down

Using the same training techniques and positive reinforcement used during learning sessions, dogs will master the good manners they need. Clever Canines program is just another way we partner with you in the lifetime care of your pets.

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