Puppy Programs

During a puppy’s first few months, proper care, socialization, and learning are critical for raising a confident and enjoyable adult dog that can be taken anywhere. At Dogwood Acres Pet Retreat, we offer special puppy programs to address everything from basic good manners to proper socialization and confidence building.

Puppy Preschool

Puppies require special care and nurturing and the Puppy Preschool Program is designed to meet these essential needs. For this crucial stage of development, we have combined lodging and activities to reinforce housebreaking, encourage play and provide comfort. This unique program is for puppies up to six months of age. Full vaccine series must be completed prior to lodging.

Puppy Daycare

A full day of fun, learning and love! Let us help your puppy begin the journey to becoming a much-loved and well-behaved member of your family. Your puppy will enjoy all that our daycare program offers including socialization, foundations of obedience, introduction to leash walking, cuddles galore and much more! To find out more, visit our Puppy Daycare program.

Puppy Lodge & Learn

While your puppy is staying with us for the day or overnight, our trainers will reinforce basic good manners with repetition and lots of loving positive reinforcement. Each day, our trainers will focus on the overall wellness of your puppy with exercise and social interactions as well as multiple daily training sessions. Then, when your puppy has completed training, we will show you what (s)he has learned and teach you how to keep reinforcing those skills so the learning and behaviors continue.

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