Is your pet recovering from spending endless days at home? It’s time to get your dog back out there! Send your dog to Dogwood Acres to rediscover their passion and purpose!

Daycare doggies have “tasks” assigned throughout the day that help them get back to a healthy, happy and active routine. Is your family member up for the challenge?…

  • Must be furry (everywhere)
  • Barking happily encouraged
  • Wet kisses essential
  • Ability to poop anywhere is accepted
  • No need to like other dogs (if you do great, if not that’s okay too!)

Dogwood Acres is the pawfect place for your dog to spend the day. We’ve got a pool, meals upon request, naps encouraged, and pups can safely enjoy fun time and activities with other canine cohorts.

So let your pup join the Dogwood Acres daycare doggies and feel free to invite other pups who have never stayed with us as well. They’ll go from couch potato to active doggo and you’ll get $20 off your next stay. It’s a win, win for all!

Join Active Daycare Doggies