Christan (Davidsonville) and Kayla (Kent Island) are our employee superstars! We’re so happy to have them on the team!

Christian is just AMAZING. He’s always SO happy to be here and constantly says that Dogwood doesn’t feel like a job because he has so much fun and such a passion for it. He’s incredibly hard working and so versatile. Whether it’s pet care, daycare or maintenance, he’s always up for the challenge. He’s an amazing team player and will drop anything he’s doing to help out his team members. When he’s not working Christian is very into weightlifting and going to the gym with his best bud co-workers, Jack & Dominic. His favorite breed of dog is a Chocolate Lab and his favorite color is Blue!

Kayla has been employed since August 2021. Her favorite dog of all time is a chocolate lab named Rhett, our daycare dog of the month! Her favorite drink from Dunkin Donuts is the strawberry dragonfruit refresher and her favorite color is blue. She really loves her job here at Dogwood Acres and spends a lot of time getting to know each of the pups!

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