Join our Winter Paw-lympics

Is your dog a couch potato or an athlete doggo? Join our Winter Paw-lympics from Jan. 24 – 28 to keep your champion active with fun daycare activities. This special event is reserved to daycare guests only:

  • Monday– Opening Ceremonies: dogs will be part of a parade with confetti and carrying the torch to get the olympic festivities started!
  • Tuesday– Hockey: dogs will run around the yard trying to get jolly balls into the net while staff will have hockey sticks to keep the “puck” in play!
  • Wednesday– Skiing: dogs will slalom down a slope around the wobbly poles in the snowy hills!
  • Thursday– Curling: we are bringing out the push brooms to help the dogs get the curling stones on the targets!
  • Friday– Closing Ceremonies: dogs will jump through the Olympic rings as a part of our agility course with a bubble party to celebrate the end of the games!

What would the Paw-lympics be without prizes? “Winners” will receive gold medals and everyone will go home with an Olympic-themed bandana!

But that’s not all, all pups will be able to participate in our social media contest for a chance to win 2 free days of Ultimate Outing. Here’s how to win the prize:

  1. Post your pet’s picture with his/her champion skill on social media and tag us
  2. Invite your pet parent friends to like your post. The picture with the most likes wins.
  3. Runner up gets a free Wash & Wear bath!

Book your champion’s stay and let the games begin!

Join the Paw-lympics