Our daycare dogs can celebrate! Starting March 1st, 2021, we will be offering a third daycare package option: Clever Canines.

What’s Clever Canines?

A unique Daycare program that consists of Ultimate Daycare Activities combined with training exercises to reinforce good manners and behaviors. Using the same training techniques and positive reinforcement used during learning sessions, dogs will master the good manners they need – examples:

  • Waiting for their turn or waiting at the gate before entering/exiting a play area or accommodation,
  • Loose leash walking,
  • Sit, stay, and more!

We designed Clever Canines for dogs who have completed a Lodge & Learn or Play & Learn program at Dogwood Acres. Mastering good manners is only possible with consistent follow-up. Our Clever Canines Daycare Program is the natural next step as we partner with pet parents to ensure each pet’s ongoing success in demonstrating good manners.

Got questions? Call us at 410-798-4776 (Davidsonville) or 410-604-9700 (Kent Island).

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