Our Adorable Daycare Dogs of the Month

Our daycare dogs of the month for February are Leo (Davidsonville) and Rhett (Kent Island).

Leo has a blast chasing around his pals, sun bathing and giving lots of love to our human friends. He especially loves posting up on the play set with Jake & Louie and Phoebe. He has an amazing smile and can’t get enough of Dogwood Acres! We’re so happy to have him.

Rhett loves hopping around and it looks like he’s dancing. He never wants to leave at the end of the day, and can’t get his mom in the door fast enough when he arrives. This cute two year old chocolate lab is goofy and loves all our special events. He is friends with everybody – he has never met a dog he doesn’t like!

Congrats to their pet parents for keeping these pups active and healthy! Book a stay for a chance to be featured!

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