From Puppyhood to Happy Pooch

For over 20 years, Dogwood Acres has been proud to partner with area families in the lifetime care of their pets. From puppyhood to happy pooch, we shower dogs with love and attention and provide fun experiences and learning opportunities, all to strengthen the bond you share with your pooch, and the bonds we share with them too!
Scroll down to discover all the fun our puppies and doggie guests experience at Dogwood Acres.


Raising a puppy is exciting, but we know it can be challenging too. Puppies require a LOT of attention throughout the day and need to experience new things to grow. We know you can’t always be there for your puppy, but fur not! We’ve got your back, and we’re here to help you every step of the way!

At Dogwood Acres, puppies six months and younger enjoy a FREE lodging stay and fun puppy package. From our playful Puppy Love Package, our luxurious Puppy Paradise Package, to our Puppy Pre-School, we have just the experience your fur baby will enjoy the most and everything your puppy needs to socialize, learn, and grow into a happy and healthy dog.


Your fur baby is all grown up now but, even though we consider our pets as our fur kids, let's remember their wild roots and their need for staying active and social while exploring and playing with their friendly pack of pals.

Yes, inside your cute doggie lives the soul of a wild ancestor, so staying home alone all day isn’t something your pet enjoys. At Dogwood Acres, we have over 7 acres of outdoor play space - that's over four football fields! Dogs can run, play, splash in our pool, snuggle up with a buddy, get lots of love and attention, or simply hang out with friends in our indoor/outdoor playgrounds. Our team of pet lovers is trained and certified to ensure a safe and fun experience for each pet who visits.

Whether your four-legged friend is staying for daycare or overnight, your dog will stay active and create life-long furriendships! Your pup can also learn good manners in our training programs and enjoy pampering from head to paws in our salon and spa. Dogwood Acres is a real pet retreat!


When your loving companion reaches the senior years and experiences the health challenges that come with age, we know their needs change. They may still be up for some fun, but at a different pace from the younger pups.

We designed our Companion Care Lodging Package for our furry friends who have left the days of romping and wrestling behind and now require special attention and care.

Dogs in our Companion Care package have a personal pet attendant to give one-on-one attention and care throughout the day. Each day, we provide a leisurely stretch and stroll session based on a dog’s needs and abilities. We’ll customize all the meals according to instructions, conduct daily wellness evaluations, administer all medications, and give a late-night potty break to help ensure a restful night’s sleep on extra comfy and supportive bedding. Of course, we include loads of love and cuddles, and we have an on-call veterinarian should any need arise. When we say we partner with pet parents for the lifetime care of your pets, we mean during the good times and the tougher times too.

This package is also an excellent option for dogs who are on several medications, including diabetic dogs, as well as dogs of any age who are recovering from surgery.


Start a fun journey with your fur baby at Dogwood Acres, from puppyhood to happy pooch!