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Take Part in National Pet Dental Health Month. 

February is the time of the year to check if your pet’s bad breath is a stinky issue! Join Pearly White Pets at Dogwood Acres Davidsonville from Feb. 1 to Feb. 3 to put a healthy smile on your pet’s face.

pearly white pets What is Pearly White Pets?

Simple. The leading area provider of anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for cats and dogs.

Why Let Pearly White Pets Clean My Pet’s Teeth?
Low Risk: Anesthesia-free dental cleaning eliminates the need to subject pets to laboratory pre-screenings, the use of IV catheters and fluids, breathing tubes and the need for life support or monitoring devices.
No Recovery Time: After anesthesia-free cleaning, a pet will feel like their usual happy self —but with much cleaner teeth, and without side effects like behavioral change, grogginess, poor balance, chills and nausea that anesthesia can cause.
Affordable: Anesthetized dental cleanings can cost upwards of $700. Pearly White Pets anesthesia-free approach ranges from $249 to $289, depending on degree of plaque buildup.

Let Your Pet’s Smile Shine! Call 888-738-3685 or visit to reserve your pet’s booking today.